Age limit for immigrating to Canada – Find out now!

Ever wandered if there is an age limit for immigrating to Canada?

With all the tales about Canada and its beautiful people who are highly receptive, there is no doubt so many international citizens are wanting to relocate to Canada.

The next thing that comes to mind immediately one begins to nurse the idea of traveling abroad, is finding out things about the country.

Asking the right questions so as to be prepared of what’s to come.

So many have been found asking what the age limit for migration is.

Though there might not be a stipulated age limit, its advisable to leave as soon as you can.

The earlier you travel, the much easier for you especially if its through the express Entry.

In the Express Entry your age affects the chances of receiving an invitation because your profile is ranked on a points-based system, the older you are, the fewer points you will be awarded to add to your CRS score.

The best age for migrating To cannada  is usually between the ages of 20 and 29 as you can score between100 and 110 CRS points.

See points allocated according to the age rats below;

The essence of these points is to increase your chances of receive an invite to come reside or work in Canada.

Its worthy to note that the point received from age is not the only requirements, there are so many other key factor that play a role with getting a visa.

If you have  passed 40-45, there is absolutely no need to panic as there are many other ways to immigrate to Canada easily.

See other ways to immigrate to Canada without using  the Express Entry.