All you need to know about moving to Ireland

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle,it has a lush landscape and breathtaking views.

When you think of relocating to a country with indeed greener pastures,Ireland should be top most because here, the pastures are indeed greener.

Image from @tourismireland on Instagram.

Before moving abroad for tourism, visit, schooling or residing permanently ,its best to know a bit about the country so fitting in and adjusting won’t be very difficult for you.

It also helps you make informed decision as to whether or not your plans are compatible with the country.

This article will give you an overview and insight about Ireland and we believe this will help your moving to Ireland plans.

One major thing to note about Ireland is that It is a country of its own and no longer part of Britain.

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The People: Ireland has  one of the most friendly people in the world. This means its OK to expect a warm welcome in Ireland. Irish are legendary for their warming welcome, love of music and sports.

Weather: The weather is always changing,you get to experience almost all season in a day. Sometimes during the summer ,they experience about 17 hours of daylight and in winter vice versa.

Security: If you ever wanted a country with relaxed and secured environment,then Ireland is where you need to be.

Crime rate is really low ,its believed the people are so busy being all nice and happy that they hardly commit much crimes.

In 2019 Ireland made the list of one of the safest country to live in and that’s a plus.

Imagine not having to look over your shoulder at all time, the peace and development that brings is unimaginable.

Employment – With a growing economy and an impressive number of multinational companies , Ireland has lots of opportunity for you to get a job really easily.

Ireland has a serious tech industry with companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn moving their European headquarters there.

List of things to consider before you travel to Ireland?

Visa: Asides  European citizens who are allowed entrance to Ireland without a visa for 3 months,other countries are required to secure an Irish visa before traveling to Ireland.

Work- The minimum wage for working in Ireland is currently £9.80 per hour. You can easily get jobs online, just search relevant websites to get started. Keep the minimum wage in mind.

Most jobs require a good level of English Language hence its recommended you take The International English Language Testing System (IELTS )exam before applying for jobs in Ireland.

Find out the minimum IELTS level required for your job category before applying.

Accommodation- Upon arrival in ireland you will be needing a place to stay. Note that flat shares are very common in cities where demand is extremely high. Some sites to quickly find rooms to let are Property, Raft and Roomigo.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and accommodation in this city is extremely high. Its a busy city where most of the factories and offices are located.

Other cities like Cork, Galway, Limerick, even Waterford (which is really a big town) are significantly cheaper to live in and its distance from your place of work.

Finally the beautiful and ever green landscape in Ireland, the warmness of the people, the low crime rate and the so many available opportunity makes Ireland a place you want to be.