Best jobs for students in Canada

Students have so much time in between semester classes and summer holidays  to take up certain jobs so as to earn money on the side.

So many university and college students use those free times to gain work experience, interact and create network.

Most times this gives them the luxury to afford certain things for themselves as students.

Jobs for students are very common and readily available, this article covers some of the  different kinds of job students can readily take up.

1. Bartender or Waitress

This is one of the most popular and common job among students. Surprisingly they can earn so much money from tips not minding how much they are paid hourly. One thing about the job is the fact that the hours are not so conducive.

2. Nannies

Babysitting is another job student in Canada can easily get and the pay is very much great.

Students can earn from $15 dollars per hour or even much more in wealthy areas.

There is also an option of living  with the host families, this help reduce rentals and utility bills.

3. Dog Walker

Might not seem a glamorous job since the label is not so appealing. Its a job for students who really intend to make money.

You get to work the dog for like 3 tines in a week and get paid depending in the hour of walk.

For a walk of 2 hours, a student is likely to be paid an estimate of  $35 -$40, you also get to keep fit and stay healthy as you walk the dog.

4. Clowns

Looking to get some fun and entertained while working , then this job is perfectly for you.

You get to play with the kids , entertain them and make then happy but at the end of the day, you get paid for having so much fun. Who wouldn’t want to get paid for having fun?

5.Commissioned sales person

This simply means you won’t be paid on an hourly basis and gives you the opportunity to earn even more.

You get paid from the volume of sales you are able to make. More like a cut from each successful sales.

Commissioned sales jobs can be found in car dealer shops, electronics shops, and investment banks and so many others. A good sales person can earn from commission about $100000 yearly.

6. Tutor for other college student

If you are a whiz or very good at a particular subject like physics, mathematics, chemistry and so many others.

You can teach other students what you know in exchange they get to pay you as their tutor.

This also helps you in your learning as well, the more you teach a particular thing, the better you become with that particular subject.

Earning is Dependant on how good you are, the best way to advertise this kind of job is by word of mouth.

7.Cruise ship entertainers

The number one duty of cruise ship entertainers is to make people happy. They can either be singers, dancers, or stage comedians.

This offers a unique opportunity to get paid to go around on cruise trips and see beautiful islands.

With this you get to do what you love, make a name for yourself and still get paid as well.while also doing something you love and making a name for yourself.