Should an Espresso Be Bitter

Can You Use Regular Coffee In An Espresso Machine?

I could relate to that feeling of contemplating whether to opt for the regular coffee grounds or Espresso grounds for an espresso machine. 

And you are left with the option of purchasing a regular coffee for your espresso machine at home. But Wait, Before buying that regular coffee, you just have to spend some time reading this article.


You just don’t result in using a regular coffee on an espresso, will it end up as expected? Trust me, the end taste can be messy.

Therefore, in this article, I will be giving you a complete guide on using regular coffee for an espresso machine.


Can You Use Regular Coffee In An Espresso Machine


No, you shouldn’t use a regular coffee in an espresso machine, this is because a regular coffee has its own designated machine for processing.

However, trying to make use of a regular coffee in an espresso, will only result in the unexpected.

In understanding why you shouldn’t use a regular coffee for an espresso machine, let’s understand some basic stuff associated with both regular coffee and espresso, in terms of appropriate machine required, coffee grounds, and so on.


Therefore, in preparing a regular coffee, you have to consider filtered coffee grounds, which do appear in a coarse form, and the appropriate machine for this type of coffee is the french press or the drip coffee, both machines will work just fine for a regular coffee.

While, on the other way round, an espresso is an extreme type of coffee in which water is pressed Through very finely ground coffee at high pressure.  


This helps to result in an espresso having that kind of intense quality taste, that makes it look strong when tasted. 

Therefore, considering the nature of an espresso machine, like the Breville espresso machine, filtered coffee grounds, won’t be a good option, based on how coarse it tends to appear.


Trying to use a regular coffee in an espresso machine will not gonna end well, probably, you are likely going to get your regular coffee appearing differently, and probably end up bitter.


Should an Espresso Be Bitter


Should an Espresso Be Bitter


Espresso is meant to be sweet and not bitter, if you figure out that your prepared espresso is bitter, then with all certainty, you have done something wrong, therefore, you must ensure to know what you are doing while making espresso.

The cause of an espresso appearing is due to having over-concentrated espresso, therefore, you shouldn’t allow your espresso to be too Concentrated.


What Kind Of Coffee Do You Use In An Espresso Machine?


If you are kind of new to an espresso machine and figuring out that you can’t use regular coffee grounds for an espresso, you might be wondering what the appropriate kind of coffee is needed for an espresso machine.


Therefore, if you are to consider making an espresso, then you need to consider a finely grounded coffee, that appears fine. This type of coffee can be gotten from any type of coffee bean roast, either light, medium, or dark, but it is more recommended to consider using the dark roast.

The roast is then grinded into finely ground coffee, which then becomes suitable for an espresso machine, based on how it operates, in terms of used pressurized heat.


The Difference Between Espresso Beans And Regular Coffee Beans


Though both espresso beans and regular coffee beans are the same, they kind of have a slight difference in each. Choosing to use either of the types of beans, depends actually on what you are brewing.

If you will be brewing an espresso drink, then you have to consider roasting your espresso beans for a longer time and as well grinding them into finer grinds. 


Since espresso beans are meant to be grinded to finer grinds, you must consider using the appropriate machine for your grind, using the right machine for your espresso beans will help make a finer grind that is aimed at producing an espresso.

On the other hand, a regular coffee bean does not necessarily need to be roasted for a longer time and is kind of lighter compared to an espresso roast.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to Grind your regular beans into finer grinds. 


Can I Use A Coffee Maker To Brew Espresso?


Not anyhow kind of coffee maker can be used to make espresso, while making espresso, you must ensure to use the appropriate espresso machine, probably the Breville espresso machine.

Although the Breville espresso is the official machine for making espresso, it can be more expensive,  in that case, you have to consider the Moka Pot.

The Moka Pot is less expensive when compared to a Breville machine, and probably easy to handle than a Breville espresso machine.

Trying to make an espresso from a french press or drip coffee, will not be the recommended option, because you are only gonna end up with a messy espresso, with entirely different tastes from the way espresso is to taste.



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So here comes the conclusion of this article, you shouldn’t try out using a regular coffee In an espresso machine, I will personally not recommend that.

This is because, the side effects of doing so, will certainly surface, and if you are to prepare espresso for a group of people, probably for your guests or your customers, that is: 

If you own a restaurant, then, you will leave the people you are serving with a frown, since what you are prepared isn’t qualified for an espresso.

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