Core Differences between French Press and Moka Pot

French Press Or Moka Pot – Which One Is The Best

Which will you ever consider, a French Press or Moka Pot? If you have ever wished to brew a sweet coffee then you have to consider either the french press or Moka Pot.

I am pretty sure that you know these are equipment used by most coffee lovers in getting their coffee grounds brewed to their desired taste.


As a result of their popularity (I mean both the french press and the Moka Pot) people have engaged on which machine produces a good coffee drink.


Truth be told, both machines can make your desired coffee drink, but it all depends on the actual type of coffee drink you want.

Knowing which one to opt for, it’s very important to have insights into reviews made, in terms of the pros and cons associated with each machine.

Therefore, in this article, I will be providing you with critical and unbiased reviews on each brewing machine.


French Press Or Moka Pot


Choosing which one is the best will not end well if we don’t individually look at each brewing machine, its capacity, and its method of operation.


French Press


This is a straightforward brewing machine that you will find in most coffee shops, literally it consists of both a carafe and plunger, which fits inside the carafe.

The process of brewing using a french press is different from how you brew coffee grounds in a Moka pot. French pass uses a very straightforward steeping process, through the use of coarse ground coffee, rather than finer grounds coffee.

The coarse ground coffee is covered with boiled water throughout and is left to steel for some time. Coffee brewed by a french press is thicker than your usual pour-overs and automatic drip machines.



  1. Makes an intense flavor of coffee
  2. Very Affordable
  3. Easier to brew a coffee



  1. Contains a lesser quantity of coffee
  2. Considered to have a small serving range.
  3. Can be difficult to clean


Moka Pot


Moka Pot is known to produce a very intense coffee taste, if you are looking for a coffee machine that can create quite a creamy coffee, then you can consider the Moka Pot.

The Moka Pot is regarded as a stovetop espresso maker, it is considered the best machine available for making espresso. 


Moka Pots work by using steam pressure to force hot water through the grounds of coffee and up through the top chamber, just as what is needed in creating an espresso.

The Moka Pot does consist of three elements, which are, water, coffee grounds, and the final product. 



  1. Affordable
  2. The batch size is adjustable
  3. Easy to clean



  1. You need to be precise when dealing with a French Press
  2. Can not prepare espresso coffee.


Core Differences between French Press and Moka Pot


Core Differences between French Press and Moka Pot


Now that you have seen a critical review of what a french press is and what a Moka pot is, it is high time you know the core Differences associated with both brewing machines.

You should note that both machines brew coffee grounds, and that is what they are quite known for, therefore, let’s look at core differences associated with both.


  • Brewing Time

The time it takes to brew is different compared to both coffee machines, while one might take a couple of minutes to get the job done, the other is likely to take fewer minutes to get the job done.

The time taken also helps to choose which particular machine Should be used, although each machine has a specific kind of coffee as output.

On a general rule of thumb, the Moka Pot takes about 12 minutes as Brewing time, while for the french press, it takes about 5 – 6 mins to successfully brew a coffee.

Therefore, in terms of brewing time, the french press seems faster than the Moka Pot. Although, there are still several streaks that you can try out while using the Moka pot, to beat up the time it will take.

That’s simmering the water before placing it into the pot, this can help shorten the brewing time when using the Moka Pot.


  • The Grind

is also another factor that differentiates between a Moka Pot and a french press. Moka Pot, are quite known for making espresso, which in turn requires finely ground coffee grounds, that helps in preparing such an intense quality, that qualifies the context of an espresso.

On the other hand, the french press can also be considered a good option for brewing fine ground coffee, for an espresso, but trust me, you wouldn’t want to do so. 


For the regular coffee you take, like such a bitter coffee, you will need a coarse grounds coffee, then ought to consider using the french press, that is just the option you need.

Although, the coffee you make from a french press may not be that quality, in terms of taste, flavor, and so on, compared to a coffee you make from fine grounds coffee (Espresso).

Therefore if you have much desire for quality coffee taste, then you need to consider using the Moka Pot as the option.


  • Ease Of Brewing

Moka Pot is a No for people who are looking for ease of brewing, the process of immersion in Moka Pot is far more tedious than the process in a french press.

This is because the process involved in brewing in Moka Pot follows a kind of process that seems not easy for some kinds of people, although, with a Moka pot, you could brew quality tasting coffee.

On the other hand, the process involved in a french press, although, can’t say a simple process involves, but less compared to the process involved in a Moka Pot.

Because, with Moka Pot, you just have to keep track of the brewing, that is turning off the heat when no more coffee needs to be pushed out. 

However, in the case of a french press, you don’t necessarily need to keep track of such.


  • Taste Quality

No doubt, the taste from a Moka Pot is just super awesome, it is kind of sirubic and has a sweet taste compared to a french press, as a result, it seems kind of more expensive than a French Press.

Although the french press does brew nice coffee, it can’t be compared to the taste you have from a Moka Pot, which is espresso. 

Therefore, if you are a turn-on, for taste, then you need to consider the Moka Pot to the french press.




The table below shows a quick difference between a Moka Pot and a french press.


Factors Moka Pot French Press
Brewing Time Take more time to brew Take Lesser time to brew
Grinds Works with fine grounds coffee Works with coarse grounds coffee
Ease of Brewing Less Easy to Brew Easier to Brew
Taste Quality Have an intense taste Have less quality taste


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Yea, you get the review you wanted, therefore, you can choose the coffee machine you want. You should note that each coffee machine brings its coffee taste.

I have critically made a review of both kinds of coffee makers, in terms of which is easy to brew, the taste both machines will bring after a successful brewing, as well as the grinds suitable for both coffee makers.

While trying to answer the question in this article topic, the article reveals that both coffee makers are best for what they are suitable for.

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