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How Much Is A Bowl At Panda Express?

How much is a bowl at panda express?

Panda Express has a wide selection of food items and prices. From their menu, you can see that the cost for a bowl of panda express ranges from $4.49 to $6.99 depending on the location and size of the bowl you want.


Panda Express Menu Prices 2022


Item Name Small Medium Large
Coca Cola $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Diet Coke $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Dr Pepper $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Fanta Orange $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Minute Maid Lemonade $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Sprite $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Coca Cola Cherry $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Dasani [16oz Bottle] $2.30 N/A N/A
Powerade Berry Blast [20oz Bottle] $2.65 N/A N/A
Honest Half Tea Half Lemonade – 20oz Bottle $2.65 N/A N/A
Coca Cola $2.40 N/A N/A
Sweet Tea $2.30 $2.55 $2.80
Bai Coco Fusion – 18oz Bottle $2.65 N/A N/A
Coke Mexico – 12oz Bottle $2.65 N/A N/A

Panda Express Orange Chicken Price


The Panda Express Orange Chicken Price varies depending on location and time of purchase. For example, the price ranges from $4 to $5 in most locations, but it can go up to $6 at some restaurants.


How Much is a Bigger Plate at Panda Express


If you’re a big eater, it can be hard to find a restaurant that can accommodate your appetite. The average cost of a Monster Platter at Panda Express is $14.99.

Panda Express is known for its large plates, which are typically served with a side salad, fried rice, and a drink. The most popular plate size at Panda Express is the “Monster Platter” – it comes with five different types of Chinese food including General Tso’s chicken, sweet-and-sour shrimp, orange chicken, Kung Pao shrimp, and crab Rangoon.


How Much is a 2 Entree Plate at Panda Express


Most entrees at Panda Express are under $10. Their most popular dish is the 2 Entree Plate which consists of chicken teriyaki or orange chicken, and a sesame chicken or Kung Pao Chicken.

The 2 Entree Plate costs $7.99, but you can get an extra serving of either of the two entrees for just $1 more.


How can I Eat Cheap at Panda Express?


Panda Express has a variety of menu options for low-wage workers on tight budgets. It does not offer a range of choices like other restaurants, but it does serve plenty of food for the price. The chain also offers coupons and discounts for those who are willing to wait in long lines.


Does Panda Express Give You a Free Meal on Your Birthday?


The Panda Express has the best food, and their birthday deals are the best. On your birthday, you can get a free meal from their special menu that features many of their most popular items.



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Panda Express is a popular fast-food restaurant. It has over 1,000 locations in the United States with most of them being in California and Texas.

Panda Express is known for its signature dish, its signature sauce, and the Panda Express logo. The company was founded by Andrew Cherng in 1983 and it specializes in Chinese food.

The price for a bowl of panda express’s signature dish is around $6 or $7 depending on the location. The price depends on how much rice you get with your meal as well as what toppings you want in your bowl.

There are also an array of other items that you can get such as drinks, soups, salads, and more to choose from at Panda Express. If you find this article about “how much is a bowl at panda express” please share the article.

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