How much will a vacation cost me

Over time I have seen people ask this question; just how much will a vacation cost?

I felt it was a question whose answer can make you plan your travels.

To ask this question means you are one of the average earners who live on a budget like everything has to be accountable for least you go bankrupt.

It’s OK to make enquires about things but the truth is that if you are on a budget you need to know that the cost of a vacation is entirely up-to you.

There are some fixed aspect you have no control over but you can maneuver your way around others.

Transportation;This usually have a fixed cost that varies from season to season but there are different means of transportation, you get to choose accordingly based on your budget.

• Air transportation ;this is the fastest and most convenient means of traveling but the most expensive.

You can opt out where it’s obtainable. There are places you need air transportation like going to Paris, Canada, Australia and the likes of it.

• Road transportation :This is another means that can take you to your destination.

Entails the use of buses, luxury, tricycle and bikes.

You choose your preference depending on where you are going to.

It’s price is quite fair during off season. During seasons like Christmas, a bus can charge double of its normal fare.

• Train transportation : Thousands it appears to be slower than all mentioned above but it can surely take you to your destination.
• Water Transportation; Heard people use that as well, it’s the slowest means of moving people and commodity to and fro a destination.

Accommodation; This is a place where you stay when you get to your vacation destination.

If you have no one in the city you will have to choose from different hotels available till you get the one that’s suiting to your budget.

Their prices are mostly fixed depending on where it’s located.

We have the Hotels, resort, motels, inn and many others.

Food; we as humans can’t do without food and it’s going to be a major cost as one of the basic necessities of life.

Without it we can become malnourished and maybe sick.

Therefore where and how often we eat is a determinant on how much we spend in a vacation.

If you are on a budget, your best bet will be to stay at a place that is equipped and allows you make your own meal, this will be very favorable for a family who travelled together.

Buying all the food they need will certainly cost an arm or a leg.

Minor Transports; This are quite affordable but very important as you can not trek it out all the time.

To enjoy your vacation you need to constantly go out and that requires transportation.

This also add to the necessary spending’s a vacation would cost.

Will a vacation cost you? 

Of course it will that’s why we ought to plan, budget and make researches to find the destination that is in line with our budget.

After estimating the cost of the above the others are extra which we most times can do without.

Apart from the things listed above every other things are within your jurisdiction, it’s entirely up-to you how much you spend, as luxury, shopping and so on.

You can decide to either do those ones or leave it out completely.

Which ever be the case, just make sure you have plenty of fun and take memorable pictures as well to always remind yourself how good it felt going on a vacation either all by yourself, with a friend, colleague , family or a group of people.

A vacation is always a time we hang out, take a rest from all the busy schedules of life and refresh the mind.

No matter your budget and how much it cost you.

Do well to have the best time and refresh your body and soul.

When next that thought comes to you, like how much will a vacation cost you.

Just tell yourself you are the boss and you have control over it.

It’s either you are up for it or you leave it out completely.

Please don’t let it hinder your happiness after all you can have plenty of fun right where you are.