Jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit

Its no doubt that Canada is one of the most beautiful country that is highly welcoming to foreigners.

Over time I’ve had people asking not just how they will relocate to Canada but jobs they can do in Canada without a work permit.

A work permit is simply an authorization or permission to take up a job within Canada.

Most jobs require you get a work permit before you can be given a job , but there are so many other jobs that does not require a work permit.

This article will open your eyes to jobs you can do without getting a wok permit. Listed below are some jobs you can do without a work permit in Canada.

1. Athletes and team members

If you are a foreign  athlete intending to participate in Canadian sporting event either as an individual or team, there won’t be need to obtain a work permit.

The Canadian Government allows you to participate in  Canadian sporting events without having to get a work permit.

Coaches, trainers and other important team members are also exempt from the work permit requirement.

2. Public Speakers

If you are a public speaker, coach or a commercial speaker then you do not need a work permit to work in Canada. This speaking engagement however should not exceed 5 days.

The following public speakers, however, must get a work permit and LMIA before entering Canada:

  • Commercial speakers who are hired by a Canadian business to provide training services.
  • Guest athletics instructors coming to teach weekend seminars.

3. Clergy

If your work involves preaching doctrine, presiding at religious events or providing spiritual guidance, then you won’t be needing a work permit.

There is need to however provide the following;

  • The genuineness of their offer of religious employment
  • The genuineness of the religious group that is offering the job
  • The ability of the clergyman to perform clerical duties for a congregation of the relevant religious group

4. Emergency Service Provider

If you are planning to relocate to Canada for the purpose of rendering services in times of emergency, then you are exempt from the work permit requirement. These persons may be:

  • Doctors
  • Medical teams
  • Appraisers

The emergencies may be medical, industrial, environmental or the result of a natural disaster.

5. Farm Work

person may work on a farm without a work permit as long as:

  • The farm work is on a volunteer basis.
  • The person’s primary reason for coming to Canada was something other than the farm work (such as tourism or visiting family/friends)
  • The farm is non-commercial. Non commercial farms are generally defined as farm where the owner provides things for farming and the products are mainly for family use.

6. Convention organizers

If your job is related to organizing an event or conference like, cooperate meeting, consumer show, trade show and exhibitions, then you don’t need a work permit to gain entry to Canada.

7. Military Personnel

As military personnel, you do not need a work permit to gain entry into Canada.

This is made possible as long as you’re on an assignment which you may need to visit Canada.

However, this is designated under the Visiting Force Act.

Other Jobs that don’t require work permit

  1. Health care student
  2. News reporter and media crew
  3. Performing artist
  4. On-campus work
  5. Foreign government officers
  6. Expert witnesses or investigators
  7. Off-campus work
  8. Business visitor
  9. Aviation accident or incident inspector.

These are jobs you can do without a work permit in Canada.