How Much Coffee Is in A 6-Cup Moka

What Size Moka Pot For 1 Person?

What size of Pot will be needed for 1 person? I am sure this is the biggest question on your mind now! But don’t worry I will be feeding such a question with an answer shortly.

Moka Pot! I am pretty sure you know what a Moka Pot is, and why it is being used. Moka Pot is used to brew the Popular Espresso.


Moka Pots come in five different sizes, which are 1 cup size, 3, 6, 9, and 12. The 12-cup size will contain more coffee than the 1-cup size.

However, for one person, you have to consider one of the cup sizes, so it won’t be less or more.


What Size Moka Pot For 1 Person


What Size Moka Pot For 1 Person


How do you decide on the Moka Pot for your consumption only? Deciding on a particular Moka Pot depends largely on the level of coffee you can take on a go.

On a general rule of thumb, you will find the 200 ml Moka Pot in most minimalist homes with fewer people, while I do regard this small for a home of about 3 – 4 people.


For one Person, someone who can consistently take an espresso might want to consider the 3-cup size, because this size of Moka Pot is capable of feeding one person, and probably has some extra left, though it depends on the amount you have taken at first.


If you have up to two Friends waiting for a cup of espresso each, then your 3 cups size won’t be sufficient to provide an espresso for everyone. You might have to consider getting the 6 cups size. This might go a way larger, especially when dealing with a larger number of people.


If you are considering purchasing a Moka cup for yourself only, then you can consider the 3-cup size. The 3-size cup is the most classic Moka Pot that is used by most coffee lovers.

It is the most minimalist kind of Moka Pot and can contain up to one or two serving sizes.


Tips And Tricks When Choosing A Moka Pot Size


Tips And Tricks When Choosing A Moka Pot Size


Aside from just choosing a Moka Pot size for one person, you might want to consider how you can choose a particular size on several occasions, in this case, you just have to try to get things right.

However, there are things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a particular Moka Pot size.


  • Know How Much Coffee You Need

This is the first question you need to ask yourself, How much Coffee will you be serving? 

If you are to serve several 4 people, you shouldn’t be considering a 3 cup size Moka Pot, it will be just as insufficient for everyone.

Therefore, your first action is to study how much coffee will be needed, this can be done by considering the number of people to be served.


  • Ease Of Use.

You will don’t want to consider a Moka Pot that is difficult to use. 

This is one factor that you need to give consideration, although this factor is determined by the amount of coffee you need.


  • Price

Price is another factor that you need to consider when choosing a particular Moka Pot. Prices range from $20 – $100. Choosing a less expensive Moka Pot will help you save unnecessary costs.


  • Heat Retention.

How long can a Moka Pot retain the hotness of your coffee, you have to consider a Moka Pot, that will keep your coffee hot for a longer period.


How Much Coffee Is in A 6-Cup Moka?


How Much Coffee Is in A 6-Cup Moka


The 6-cup size is 300 ml and can help when you need to serve a larger number of people. 

If you have a bigger family member, then you can consider the 6-cup size, one pro with the 6-cup size are, that it comes with stainless steel, making it long-lasting and durable. Although it can be hard to clean at times.


Which Size Moka Pot Is Best for One Person?


I have been able to answer this question earlier, in brief, for a person, you will be needing a 3-cup size.

This can contain a Serving size, with some amount remaining.



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It’s a good idea to know the Moka pot that will be needed for a certain number of people, however, in a case study of one person, it depends on the amount of coffee you will be needing.

On a general basis, you should be considering a 3-cup size for one person, although this might also increase, depending on how much coffee will be needed.

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